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This Payment Arrangement is between Healthcare Career Academy 2261 Gattis School Rd. Suite 155 Round Rock, Texas 78664 and ________________________.

This Payment Arrangement is effective as of _____ day of _______________, 20_____. By signing this agreement, the Parties agree to be bound to the terms and conditions below:


Exhibit A-


This Payment Arrangement established between the Healthcare Career Academy and the Student will cover the total amount owed by the student, which is $3,655.49.


The student debt is in relation to-

Medical Assistant 13-week program


SKU: 2261-Arrangement
  • Deferral-

    The deferral will apply from ___________, 20___ and will apply for ______________ until ___________, 20___ covering the student debt as described under the section titled “Purpose” above.


    Installments: The Student will make deposit in the sum of $1,827.75 before the start of the class


    Bi-weekly payments of $365.54, for a total of 5 payments-

    • Installment agreement 5 payments of $365.54. Due at the end of week.
    • No interest will be applicable for any of the installments.

    *Tuition needs to be paid in full before taking the certification exam, and the end of the 10-weeks*

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